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Welcome to my minimalist website, I hope that you enjoy looking around.

For most of my working life I have been involved in education. I worked for 5 years in the secondary sector and was head of PE at a large London comprehensive in Shepherds Bush. I then switched to primary and worked in the London Borough of Hillingdon as a teacher and headteacher. Being in education I quickly found out that you have to learn to keep juggling, which is challenging but very rewarding.

After being head of Newnham Junior School for many years, I was seconded to work for a year for Hillingdon Grid. This organisation was setup by the local authority to help roll out broadband to schools. After the year was completed I went back to Newnham, but nine months later I returned to Hillingdon Grid. I carried on working for them for two more years and then left to work for myself as an ICT consultant.

ICT Support

It is now over 30 years since my 'IT Light bulb' moment took place. I saw an Amstrad word processor being demonstrated. I was not too impressed with the green screen, but when I saw a word being inserted into the middle of a sentence the penny dropped that I would not have to hand write newsletters and letters any more! Being left handed, summer born and male (3 huge handicaps) I realised that my educational life would never be the same again.

I have now been working with staff and pupils since the 1980s helping them get to grips with ICT. In some ways it is easier to work with pupils as you can say 'do this and this will happen' and most of the time they are quite happy to follow these instructions (as long as the instructions work). Staff are more curious and perhaps sceptical and want to know 'why' something needs to be done. IT can infuriate adults and can in extreme cases cause 'computer rage'. I have, on occasions, myself been guilty of this. Computer instructions can be anything but logical. Why, on a PC, do you have to click on the 'Start' button before you can turn off the computer?

ICT Projects

I believe my 20 years as a headteacher has put me in an excellent position to understand and meet the needs of schools. I always look at computer support from the school's perspective. Technical expertise is vital, but working with staff and pupils is equally important. Many schools ask me to plan IT projects for them. These can range from planning and setting up ICT suites, to rolling out laptops and iPads across the site.


I have set up IT systems in a variety of schools, ranging from a small nursery school to a large primary with over 950 pupils. My last project was setting up a primary school with 120 laptops and 64 iPads.

The photograph above shows the ICT suite at a primary school in Cookham, Berkshire. In addition to the new computers in the ICT suite, I also equipped all the classrooms with second user machines. The suite was set up some time ago and I was asked to come up with suggestions for the replacement of the computers. Rather than choosing new machines I suggested upgrading the existing equipment. Although the computers were quite old they have been completely rejuvenated by replacing the hard disc drives with new super fast solid state drives. All the computers now just take just over 40 seconds to start up. The costs involved in this upgrade were just 16% of the cost of providing the school with new stock.

Website Creation

I create websites for the Park Federation group of schools. There are eight schools in the Federation and I create the websites for seven of them. Unusually I maintain the websites, all the materials - letters, newsletters, policies, photographs videos etc - are sent to me and I upload them to the respective sites.

I provide this update service as schools are busy places and often do not have the time to upload materials. There can also be issues when the person who updates the website moves onto a new school.

I pride myself in being able to turn round update requests very quickly. To look at the websites please click here. I think you will find that there is a depth of material on all the sites and that the websites provide a excellent window to show parents, or prospective parents, what goes on at the schools.

If you would like to discuss your website please feel free to contact me. My contact details are at the top of the page